Saturday, March 29, 2014

Info Graphics

I chose these cool info graphics,because they use the lettering in a way that grabs your attention. They also serves the purpose of representing the message in a visual way. The hierarchy of the text shows whats important and whats not important.  

Revised Movie Poster

My movie poster is about this character who is haunted by his self, because he has two personalities This is my revised copy of my movie poster. I think this captures the theme of the movie. People said I should research Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde and incorporate it in my poster. Their movie poster had a green tint to it, so I added the green tint. I love the type face that I used in the first one but I chose to change it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helvetica Movie Notes

  • Helvetica clear readable and straight forward.
  • Helvetica was first Die Nio Diosk.
  • Helvetica was born at the hass type foundry.
  • all about interrelation between the shapes of the negative space of the letter, so basically the space between holds the letter.
  • They got the name Helvetica form the Latin name for Switzerland. Helvetica means The Swiss Typeface.
  • Helveticas smoothness is human-like.
  • Tax forms, EPA,  American Airlines used this typeface.
  • 20 years after it was made it became a default because of computers.
  • Has the perfect balance of push and pull, shows that there's  no matter how big the problem it will be compact and content.
  • Helvetica is the Typeface of socialism.
  • Pushman Studios was popular, because of how fresh, alive, and new.
  •  Its better to illustrate type than pressing it.
  • Grunge Typography

Thursday, March 13, 2014



He is a Ukrainian artist. He has a really sick and twisted mind when it comes to his art, but they are interesting. When I first saw his work I had to do a double take. Especially the one with the  his extra long tongue and he is eating it. You cant get no crazier than that, but he can he has a person combing his scalp.

Pierre Beteille

Pierre Beteille

This guy has some strange pieces. He has a comical theme to his art. The one with the gun and the book are cool. The piece with the cigarette is my favorite.

Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel

I love his artwork. I like the way he exaggerates the characters features. I like doing caricature and his art reminds me of that. When I start doing photoshop my artwork would most likely look like this. I hope!


Steve McGhee

Steve McGhee
His work is pretty cool. His artwork is similiar to Lonuts artwork they are both realistic and believable.

Cara Lonut

Cara Lonut

He brings the dream world to reality. he has this surreal and bizarre kind of style to his work. I especially like the way he puts the kids in these abnormal situations. His art is so believable. When I start photoshop I hope my work will be like this.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paper Craft Project

I love this project. We had to create and build our own little people or creature from paper. Mine was called "Mini Toonky" I sketched out my design first  and then scanned the sketch on the computer. I then put the sketch on illustrator. When I was done mapping it out on illustrator. I printed the layout on card stock paper, so my object can be sturdy. I  then cut out, bended ,and glued the pieces together. They came out really nice. I have a photo off all of my mock ups plus my final to show my progression. 


  1. Print template
  2. Cut out the images
  3. Fold all lines (except the middle of the body)
  4. Then glue all tabs together (then glue the body parts together)

Now you have a "Mini Toonky"

I also have a family photo with my Mini Toonky's, the Roboman and his Robochildren, and Gangsta Kodama

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Self Portrait ( rectangle only)

I had fun doing this project. the reason why I'm orange is because I'm excited. I also chose orange because I couldn't figure out my skin tone. I like how boxy it looks and the way I incorporated the value in my face. I love my glasses because it looks like I am surrounded by squares. I can see squares reflected in my glasses.