Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gestalt Principle Project

My theme was school shooting. I had done a lot of research on school shootings and I was inspired. I used objects that reminds us of school and added a gun shooting through them because they are ruin lives. I had to incorporate the gestalt principle, so I did continuation with the bullet traveling, and the gun as closure. I made this image in illustrator and use various tools like pen tool, brush tool, rectangle tool and some more. The gun was mostly made of rectangles from the rectangle tool. the bullet was also rectangles, but I added circles for the round tip. I hope the bullet going through the objects sends that message that school shootings needs to stop. I am proud of how it came out.

( The second one is the revised copy)
I revised  certain things in the piece like the apple I gave it an apple bottom. The hat is tilted less and the tassel is made shorter. Then I zoomed in some. It looks much better